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Jen Te Yang

Telephone Office: 07-8060505 ext. 5311
Category: Full-Time
Position Titles: Professor
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school year Journal level Title (title)
104其他,Effect of restaurant discount coupon depth on re-consumption willingness: A moderating role of brand image
103SSCI,Effect of internal marketing on knowledge sharing and organizational effectiveness in the hotel industry
102SSCI,Ethical contexts and employee job responses in the hotel industry: The roles of work values and perceived organizational support
101SSCI,Identifying the attributes of blue ocean strategies in hospitality
99SSCI,Antecedents and Consequences of Knowledge Sharing in International Tourist Hotels
98SSCI,Individual Attitudes to Learning and Sharing Individual and Organisational Knowledge in the Hospitality Industry
97SSCI,Individual Attitudes and Organisational Knowledge Sharing
96SSCI,Knowledge Sharing: Investigating Appropriate Leadership Roles and Collaborative Culture.