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Latest Research

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109 日本の観光ガイドブックからみる台湾の観光地のイメージの変化―台湾の学生が作成したガイド ブックを分析する SU wenchin
109 影響消費者對文創旅館住宿意願因素之研究 Huang, John
109 Understanding Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Access Backpackers’ Intention in Self-Service Travel Websites (ABDC:A, SSCI, Q1, IF:3.816) Hsu, Chia-shiang
107 了解虛擬社群持續知識貢獻意圖-效益與限制雙元觀點(資訊管理學報, TSSCI) Hsu, Chia-shiang
107 An empirical investigation on knowledge use in virtual communities–A relationship development perspective(International Journal of Information Management, SSCI, Q1, IF:4.516) Hsu, Chia-shiang
107 Understanding knowledge management phenomena in virtual communities from a goal-directed approach(Internet Research, SSCI, Q1, IF:3.838) Hsu, Chia-shiang